Jumat, 29 Januari 2016

APX CPS R14.00 for APX1000 APX5000

Motorola APX1000

Supported model : APX8000XE; APX8000; APX7500;APX7000;APX7000XE; APX7000L; APX6500; APX6500Li; APX6000; APX6000XE; APX6000Li; APX5500; APX5000; APX4500; APX4500Li; APX4000; APX4000XH; APX3000; SRX2200; TXM2000; APX2500; APX2000; APX1500;APX1000

New Radio Features Supported:
IMPORTANT NOTE: Firmware version R14.00.00 or higher is required for the following features to work
in the radio:
Support for the new APX 8000 portable All-Band radio (Wi-Fi support)
Support for the new APX 4000XH portable radio
Support for the APX 4000 900 MHz (2 Knob)
Support for the APX 1000 900 MHz (2 knob)
OTAR and GPS support via V.24 in TXM2000
Support for P25 paging / QCII Encoding tone signaling for APX subscribers
APX 6000/7000/XE HAZLOC re-certification (radios updated to the TIA4950 safety standard)
Support for RF Modem functionality on Portable Subscriber Units
Long Press Power Off Support added for APX Control Heads
Added One Button Tones capability for APX Portables, wired and Bluetooth accessories
APX DVRS supported on non MSI systems
DVRS Conventional PTT ID increased from 7 to 8 digits

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